What Is Hypnotherapy?

During hypnosis clients are relaxed into a state which is between wakefulness and sleep.  And whilst in this highly suggestible and relaxed state they are given carefully worded suggestions designed to have a positive impact to encourage change regarding the symptoms that have been consulted for.

Along with positive suggestions you will be encouraged to use visualisation techniques to help you to tap into your powerful imagination which is known to influence your thoughts and feelings quite significantly.

There is a well known saying in Psychological circles which states that “if you can’t imagine it, you can’t achieve it” and there is a lot of evidence to support this view.

It is these new strategies of visualisation and thinking that can have a very positive effect on the way that you feel and help you to deal with your phobia or worries in a new way.

If for example, you consulted me to help you to get over nerves about having to make a wedding speech then I’d give you suggestions to help you feel calm, relaxed and totally in control of the way that you feel.  I’d  help you to visualise or imagine giving your speech in this calm, relaxed and effective way and by doing this you’ll then be able to “link” this imagined experience with the real experience when it occurs.

The session will help you to understand and reduce the amount of worry and concern connected with “feeling judged by others” (Social Phobia) and help you to realise that you do NOT need to be perfect, you just need to be YOU!  A Clinical Hypnosis sessions in which you will discover a new level of relaxation can have quite a profound effect on you. Enabling you to think about your problem in a whole new light and with confidence.

The changes brought about in these sessions can be very powerful and often will be permanent.  Especially if the initial trigger or cause of the problem is known prior to, or discovered during treatment.  However, the internal cause of the problem may remain buried in the unconscious part of the mind where it may produce the negative effect again at some point in the future.  But that said, treatment can still help you change how you manage the issue on a day to day basis.

How Much Does a Hypnotherapy Session Cost?

Each session lasts approximately 1 hour and costs £60.  Please contact me for an initial chat to discuss your problems and whether I feel I can help you.


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