Hypnotherapy and Coaching Fees

Hypnotherapy Fees in Teeside - credit card payment being made

Please see below the fee per session (which lasts approximately 1 hour) for my Hypnotherapy and Coaching Services. The price may be higher for particularly complex issues but this would be discussed and agreed in advance. For issues which may require longer periods of treatment a discount may be offered.  I may offer reduced fees (to be discussed) to senior citizens or those in financial difficulty.

If I travel to a Client’s location I may charge an extra amount for fuel/travel time depending on the distance involved which would be discussed and agreed prior to any appointment.

My intention will always be to provide the minimum number of sessions in order to provide an appropriate and effective service.

Hypnotherapy  £60
NLP  £60
Coaching  £60
Emotonal Freedom Techniques  £60


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