Hypnotherapy for Food Addiction on Teesside

In almost all cases there is an underlying psychological or emotional cause for food addiction.  While food is necessary for health and life, many of us have built an emotional dependence on eating.  Because of this dependence, the boundaries between healthy eating and addictive behaviour can become blurred.

hypnotherapy for food addiction in Teeside - woman eating and surrounded by chocolate

Overcoming a food addiction is about changing the way you think and your attitude towards food, and possibly making changes to your diet.  If something in your life goes wrong or you experience a stressful, upsetting event, hypnotherapy can help you manage your emotions without turning to food.

The crux of food addiction is control.  We know we need food to maintain strength and energy.  It is when we lose control of our intake and eat too much or too little, that a problem can arise.  ‘Food addiction’ therefore, may not be so much an addiction to food, but more of an addiction to eating which can be a form of distraction or a mechanism for pleasure or reward.

Hypnosis for Food Addiction

While there is no known cause of food addiction, there are many factors that should be considered. Some studies suggest addiction is genetic, although environmental and emotional factors are also thought to increase the risk. For some people, an addiction is a way of coping with difficult issues. This may include stress, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and unemployment. Hypnotherapy aims to identify the triggers and work with the client to overcome the issue using the power of suggestion.  Together, the sufferer and hypnotherapist can begin to rebuild their self-esteem and improve well-being. Living with an eating problem can be a difficult, lonely experience, but it is important to understand that you are not alone.

Hypnotherapy is a treatment option that can work to overcome the addiction.  It can help to restore a normal relationship with food by changing behaviours and negative thought patterns.  It can enable clients to recognise triggers and deal with them without resorting to eating or over eating..

As with overcoming any other form of addiction, the individual must be 100% ready to make a change.


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